2017 Art Fair Food Vendors

Taquito Lover —Tamales, Taquitos, Tacos, Nachos, Fruit Drinks

Korean BBQ —Meat Stick Chicken/Beef/Pork, Taiwanese Sausage, Potstickers, Egg Roll, Orange Chicken,
Chow Mein, Kimchi, Drinks

Gourmet Genie Food Truck —Falafel, Salads, Hummus, Kabobs, Shawarma, Sliders, Drinks

Sweet Beginnings—Fruit Cobblers, Gluten Free Brownies, Pies, Cake, Shortbread, Cookies,
Roasted Cashews with Sage & Garlic

Friends of the Library Food Booth —Sweet ‘Quick’ Breads

Sierra Madre Historical Preservation Society —Lemonade made with Rangpur Limes