April Book Review

A Thousand Acres Here is a book which I bought from the Friends’ Best Used Book Sale. Knowing nothing about it, I simply trusted the gold Winner of the Pulitzer Prize label on the cover and enjoyed every word. This is good literature folks, not ‘brain candy,’ and reminds me a little of the style …

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Summer 2013 Review

Pain, Parties, Work:  Sylvia Plath in New York, Summer 1953 This engaging book is only a partial biography of the tragic poet, and you don’t have to be a Plath fan to enjoy it.  In talking about Plath’s one month in New York as a guest editor at Mademoiselle Magazine, along with 19 other college …

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March Book Review

Below Stairs: The Classic Kitchen Maid’s Memoir That Inspired “Upstairs Downstairs” and “Downton Abbey” As the third season of Downton Abbey winds down, the Library now has a new edition of the book that started it all. Margaret Powell tells the story of her life in service in wealthy British homes in a simple straightforward …

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February Book Review

Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle Are you are a fan of Masterpiece Theatre’s Downton Abbey? Then you are in for a real treat with this fascinating glimpse into the life of the people, times and historic home that inspired writer Julian Fellowes for the PBS television show.

January Book Review

Nemesis: A Novel, by Philip Roth When Philip Roth announced his retirement from writing, I decided to read his final novel, Nemesis. It’s set in the steamy summer of 1944, in the New Jersey city that Roth calls “Equatorial Newark,” where a virulent polio epidemic erupts, striking down children.

The Dream is Over

This author is our canyon neighbor. I learned of his book when he was a guest on my talk radio show,* regaling listeners with tales of his world travels including adventures with John and Yoko Lennon. Dan, a professional mime, teacher and star in the film 2001 Space Odyssey, traveled through India and Europe resulting …

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