April Book Review

The Blood Sugar Solution
This month’s review
is by Catherine Adde
The Blood Sugar Solution
by Mark Hyman

The Blood Sugar Solution, by Mark Hyman

What CAN one eat and maintain good health? There seems to be so many conflicting reports today about this being good for you and then – no wait! – that’s not good for you anymore. It’s just plain confusing.

What I liked about this book, however, are the well researched and thorough explanations on why so many are suffering from sugar cravings, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and/or heart disease. There are many self tests to take in the book to determine if you have:

  • Diabesity (pre-diabetes, diabetes and/or are obese)
  • Food addiction
  • Nutrition imbalance (not enough Magnesium, Vitamin D, etc.)
  • Hormone and Thyroid imbalances
  • Inflammation (allergies as well)
  • Digestive imbalance (tummy problems)
  • A lack of energy and/or a metabolism issue

After determining what the problem(s) may be with your own body and health issues, practical solutions are offered by Dr. Hyman, using food as medicine and adjusting (de-stressing!) your lifestyle. Though he has a web site which is helpful, it also features expensive supplements for sale. I found that if one follows the advice in his book, improved health can be had in approximately six weeks, give or take a couple. I’m up for the challenge, how about you?


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