Dear Members and Partners,

Some days it seems like we are in the doldrums, or maybe it’s just me. The absence of the Art Fair and Wine & Cuisine Tasting changes the tenor of our Board meetings and can cause a bit of worry about finances. This doesn’t imply financial problems. Far from it, but we don’t want to use savings, unless absolutely necessary, for our budgetary obligations. Fortunately, Donations and Best Used Book Sales should keep us in the black, and the assets that we want to use for Library renovation/expansion will remain intact.

Please read the article about serving on the Board and consider asking about Board service. There is no obligation (just like a free trial), and you will learn a little bit more about the Friends and the Board. Also, please consider attending a Board Meeting held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month except August and December.

It is wonderful that the Sierra Madre Public Library facility is once again open to patrons, and I know we all sincerely hope that the Covid infection rate stays low.

Margaret Quigley

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