Dear Members and Partners,

Whatever the New Year has in store for the Friends, we’ll be in it together!!

It would be nice if there was something exciting to report, but things are moving slowly. I spoke with Lori Garza, Interim Library Director, about progress on the Library, and the only thing to report is that the cosmetic repairs are about done, and that the City is planning to reconfigure some of the parking places. Engineering studies for safety improvements will be taking place. And the City will be applying for a state grant to help with the cost of ADL and seismic improvements. We don’t usually qualify for state grants, this time may be different because of the safety issues. We can but hope.  

The Friends have not committed to an Art Fair this year, but meetings will be held in January to consider the feasibility. Thank you to Darlene Traxler and Sharon Murphy for taking this on.

Martha Troedson reported that over $12,000 has been raised from Book Sales since July 1, the start of the fiscal year. This is amazing, especially because we have been restricted to parking lot sales. These sales have done well, and have been augmented by Internet sales, book sales from the Cart in the Library, and the Silent Auction of Collectible Books. 

Finance: The Finance Committee met in October and proposed a policy to the Board at the November meeting. It was agreed that the principal of the Mary Tumilty Fund would stay intact, and that we would keep enough funds to meet operating expenses for 3 years. This last, in response to COVID. All other funds and savings will be available to the Library as needed.

Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year!

Margaret Quigley

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