February Book Review

This month’s review is by Richard Bellikoff


by Keith Richards

Scrawled on the inside jacket flap of this autobiography is a handwritten message from the author: “This is the life. Believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten any of it.” Apparently he hasn’t. It’s all here, including his youthful passion for rock ‘n’ roll . . . the founding of the Rolling Stones . . . life on the road in the crossfire hurricane, as it’s described in the “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” song lyrics . . . his addiction and the notorious drug busts that generated tabloid headlines . . . his falling-out with Mick Jagger . . . and even his personal recipe for bangers and mash.

Like a master craftsman disclosing the secrets of his art, Keith Richards also reveals how he created the classic riffs that every young guitarist is learning today. His prose resembles his playing: raw, unfiltered and emotionally direct. It’s perfect for dispensing his streetwise observations, family reminiscences, profane yarns and even literary allusions. Surprisingly, Rock’s bad boy is a voracious reader. So was I, eagerly devouring this book from cover to cover. Try a taste yourself.


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