January Book Review

Simple Dreams, A Musical Memoir
This month’s review is by Catherine Adde
Simple Dreams,
A Musical Memoir,
by Linda Ronstadt

Simple Dreams, A Musical Memoir

If you’re looking for a kiss and tell, gossipy read, this is not it.

Instead, Linda Ronstadt’s beautifully written story is about growing up in the hot desert of Tucson, Arizona, spending an idyllic childhood on horseback, singing songs around campfires with her family and her Mexican adopted family members as well.

It traces her musical roots, bringing to life how she settled into the music business with deals made on a handshake instead of flanks of attorneys and record company executives. She shares with us her beginnings with the Stone Ponies, on to being a ‘Pop’ star and solo artist, her Broadway days singing Opera, and her recordings with Nelson Riddle and the American Standards. These songs were discouraged by the record company, yet became best selling hits in a matter of days.

Finally, her ‘Simple Dreams’ were to record the beloved Mexican songs from childhood, and she was again discouraged by the executives, yet “Canciones de Mi Padre” went double platinum instantly in November 1987 and is the biggest selling non-English-language album in American recording history.

We don’t learn about Linda’s personal life in too much depth, but the richness of her musical background combined with excellent writing make this book a great read for any fans of her powerful vocal style and varied musical hits. Enjoy!

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