January Book Review

It’s All Too Much! By Peter Walsh
This month’s review is by Catherine Adde

Are YOU a clutter bug like me? Do your closets overflow with clothes that do not fit, are out of season, or still have the tags on them? Do you have magazine piles around the house that seem to GROW taller every day? Can you entertain guests in a minute’s notice or do you have to run around the house in a panic shoving, clutter under beds and in cupboards? How about my husband’s own pet peeve: do you have multiple vacation photographs of the same tree/mountain/person where just ONE will do?

If you answered YES to any of these questions: CONGRATULATIONS! You have joined me as a bona fide clutter bug. I was so relieved to get help for this problem, and you can too. In this book, the author states that in our country, we over consume, over eat, and just clutter up our lives to the point that we are overwhelmed and in despair, crying out: It’s All Too Much!

Peter Walsh takes us step-by-step, room-by-room, with sound, practical advice on the process of de-cluttering. After all, he starred on a Television Show called the ‘Clean Sweep’ (providing an interesting peek into the lives of clutter bugs); and his career involves expert suggestions that may help us emerge from our mountains of excess stuff. For this New Year, 2015, my goal is to be clutter free! In the meantime, please join me in the de-clutter quest by checking this out in the nonfiction section.

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