June Book Review

Elizabeth the First Wife
This month’s review
is by Catherine Adde
Elizabeth the First Wife
by Lian Dolan

Elizabeth the First Wife by Lian Dolan

Do you have your fun summertime reading lined up yet? Here’s one for readers who: like to laugh; enjoy stories set locally (Pasadena and Ashland, Oregon); who appreciate witty, almost snarky, clever writing – and would enjoy a little Shakespeare thrown in the mix.

If you liked the author’s first novel, Helen of Pasadena, you’ll find her second one even better!

Elizabeth Lancaster, a movie star’s first wife, is teaching Shakespeare at PCC when her ex-husband pops back into her life begging for her to coach him in an upcoming play at Oregon’s Shakespeare Festival. Hilarious situations ensue due to this possible assignment as her parents, two sisters and her Ex, all believe they have a better handle on her life than she does.

The author, who is a Pasadena resident, has a great sense of place, demonstrating the culture of the ‘old guard’ of Pasadena, as well as Ashland’s funky theatre scene. She cleverly mixes her story with short overviews of Shakespeare’s plays and how the Bard’s tales apply today with themes of love, lust, jealousy, greed, and power. This very funny book is just the ticket if you’d like to escape by reading a light, humorous story during your vacation.


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