Won-ill Chung

Won-ill Chung is a self taught photographer.

Since his childhood, he always loved and spent many hours in the mountains even though he was born and raised in Busan, the port city of South Korea.

Insects and small animals were his friends and toys from Spring to Fall and when the season changed, he knew exactly where to find his favorite insects, frogs and blooming trees. Simply, Won-ill was a part of the small mountains behind his town.

When he moved to California, he fell in love with the Sierra Nevada especially Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra. Those are so different than the mountain range in Korea but still have the same beauty that he knows of.

Won-ill sees and feels the beauty of nature and he noticed that not many can see and appreciate those moments even when it’s happening in front of their eyes. So he tries to capture those moments and share. It could be a simple sunset near his house, flowers from the market, a wonderful sunset in the desert or the magnificent California’s spring wildflower bloom.

Won-ill says, “I really hope you will enjoy the moments I captured and it gives you some small peaceful moment in your life.”

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