Thomas Breeden

Thomas Breeden creates impressionistic oil paintings with bold, simplified forms. His subjects range from coastal, desert and mountain landscapes to still lifes and figurative work. “I try to capture the color of light upon the subject and to create a mood or a harmony within the picture.” He received his BFA in illustration from Art …

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Aron Kearney

When I’m not shooting portraits, I’m out finding new places and subjects to photograph and turn into fine art pieces. I am motivated by creativity and strive to make every surrounding, situation and subject a unique piece of art. While some create art on a canvas, others using pencil and paper, or with clay or …

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2014 Featured Artist

Beverly Jones Jewelry Designs Wow inspiring design, meticulous craftsmanship, and great attention to detail seamlessly team up with comfortable wearability in a democratic environment where a precious gem might share space with a found object or a natural oddity. Example – silver pendant with a meteorite, a ruby and a piece of petrified armadillo hide. …

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