Cherie Heck Trapani

I have been creating art in some form or another for nearly my entire life. One memory that really stands out occurred when I was about eight. I had come across some oil paints and some old “how to” art books in our basement, and I was enthralled. I proceeded to copy a painting of two macaws from one of the books that turned out rather well for me being so young. I was very fortunate in that my family noticed and encouraged my talents and urged me to pursue art by entering local contests, taking me to museums, and providing me with art supplies. In my high school yearbook, I was voted Best Female Artist, and in college, where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art, I was recognized multiple times for both my art, as well as costume designs in the theater department.

My art has appeared in several publications, including a textbook titled, Sculpture: Technique-Form-Content by Arthur Williams, which features my mahogany wood sculpture, Pair of Socks. In addition, over the past several years many of my designs have been selected for three months of public display in the City of Whittier’s Banner Program. I’ve taught art at both elementary school and older adult levels, and I really enjoy sharing my love of creating with others. I have shown in the Whittier Art Gallery and have been invited to show my artwork at the juried Hillcrest Festival of Fine Art, where I also demonstrated creating leaded stained glass. 

Much of my artwork is influenced by the art and design of the early 1900s in California. For some of my artwork, I enjoy combining images from my photos with design influences of the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts periods and expressing these in watercolor and other mediums. I also enjoy capturing images that have that early California charm and historic feel. I enjoy creating in a variety of mediums such as oil, watercolor, acrylic, photography, and stained glass. I continue to grow and develop as an artist as I work with other artists, research past and present artists’ styles and techniques, and reflect on my own work.

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