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Silent Auction of Collectible Books

The Friends of the Sierra Madre Library announce that the seventh annual Silent Auction of Collectible Books will take place from Monday, November 4 until Monday, December 2

Featured are 17 beautiful and collectible volumes, including some Signed, First and Deluxe editions.  The books will be in the Display Case in the Main Room of the Library.  Closer examination may be made on Saturdays, November 9, 16, 23 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. and on Monday, December 2 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. 

Bids may be entered in the notebook found on the service counter in the Library. Highest bid on Monday, December 2 at 7:30 p.m. will be the winner.

SIEGFRIED: A DRAMATIC POEM – Oliver Huckel – FIRST EDITION (Thomas Y. Crowell, 1910) “Siegfried” is the third opera in Richard Wagner’s four-opera epic, “The Ring Cycle.”  Here it has been translated into a narrative poem by Dr. Huckel, an American minister and writer. A rare blue and green binding, it features four black/white period plates by D.B. Updike.

THE COMPLETE TALES AND POEMS OF EDGAR ALLAN POE NEW (Barnes and Noble, 2015) Poe wrote many detective tales, satires, fables, fantasies, science fiction, verse dramas and poetry.  This omnibus edition collects all his fiction and poetry.

JUST ASK!  BE DIFFERENT, BE BRAVE, BE YOU – Sonia Sotomayor – NEW FIRST EDITION (Philomel Books, 2019) Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and award-winning artist Rafael Lopez have collaborated on a lovely children’s book about the differences that make each of us unique.  Included with the book is a SIGNED framed print from the book.

SPEAR OF THE EMPEROR – Aaron Demski-Bowden – SIGNED LIMITED EDITION (Black Library, 2018) As featured in this dystopian novel, the Emperor’s Spears are keeping their vigil after hundreds of years, bloodied but unbroken in their duty. A presentation box includes the hardback novel, a background book, extra artwork and transfers, rules card, a pin, medal and bookmark.

CEMETERY ROAD Greg Iles – SIGNED FIRST EDITION (William Morrow, 2019) A novel by best-selling author Greg Iles, this novel features family secrets and suspicious deaths as a successful journalist goes back to the place he vowed he would never return to.

A CHILD’S GARDEN OF VERSESRobert Louis Stevenson – FIRST AMERICAN EDITION (Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1902) A lovely copy of Stevenson’s poems for children, illustrated with many drawings and sketches by Charles Robinson.  The book was dedicated to Stevenson’s childhood nurse, Alison Cunningham.

HEAVEN IS UNDER OUR FEET – Don Henley and Dave Marsh – SIGNED by Don Henley and Carrie Fisher FIRST EDITION (Longmeadow Press, 1991)  
A collection of narratives and essays by American celebrities and politicians on the environment, it was created in support of the Walden Woods Project to acquire and preserve sites around Walden Pond.

RUBAIYAT OF OMAR KHAYYAMRonald Balfour – (Dodd, Mead, and Co; 1920) A beautiful copy of the famous poem, illustrated by the acclaimed Art Nouveau artist.

THE LES PAUL LEGACY 1915-1963 – Robb Lawrence – NEW (Hal Leonrd Corp, 2008) A beautiful and insightful book on a legendary inventor, performer and musician, and his partnership with Gibson to make a new and improved guitar.

TO LIVE AND DINE IN L.A. – MENUS AND THE MAKING OF THE MODERN CITYJosh Kun – SIGNED (The Library Foundation of L.A., 2015) How did Los Angeles become the modern city watched by the world?  In addition to our weather, freeways, Hollywood, and our casual culture, the author presents the idea that our food is also shaping tastes about the world.

THE GOLDEN TWENTIES: PORTRAITS AND FIGURE PAINTINGS BY JOSEPH KLEITSCH Patricia Trenton – NEW (Pasadena Museum of California Art,   2017) Born in Hungary in 1882, Kleitsch emigrated to the U.S. and lived in California.  He was considered the premiere portrait painter in the Laguna Beach art colony but was also known for his Impressionist landscapes.  

THE ART OF WEALTH: THE HUNTINGTONS IN THE GILDED AGE – Shelley M. Bennett – NEW (The Huntington Library, 2013) The author focuses on four remarkable members of the Huntington family and their complicated mix of public and private motives and models during the early twentieth century.

THE PHOTOGRAPHS OF DOROTHEA LANGE – Keith F. Davis – (Hallmark Cards, 1995) Lange is recognized as one of America’s premier photographers, known especially for her photographs of the Depression era.  This volume presents important works from every phase of her career.

THE OXFORD ILLUSTRATED DICKENS – Charles Dickens – (Oxford University Press, 1989) The collection features seventeen volumes of the original 21 from Oxford University Press.

THE BOOK LOVER’S EDITION OF SHAKESPEAREWilliam Shakespeare – (The University Society, 1901) A complete set of Shakespeare’s plays, poems and sonnets and a Topical Index to all.  Most have a full-color illustration facing the Title Page and a Preface with Comments introducing the works. (44 volumes)

DARK SHADOWS:  THE COMPLETE ORIGINAL SERIES (DELUXE EDITION DVDs, Dan Curtis Productions, 2012) Dark Shadows was aired on television from 1966-1971 as a soap opera featuring vampires, time-travel and a parallel universe.  Here is the entire series packaged in a wood coffin. 

MORE BEAUTIFUL PURSES – Evelyn Haertig – INSCRIBED (Gallery Graphics Press, 1990) A valuable source reference and a lovely book to look at.  The history, development and design of purses with hundreds of photographs.

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