Jeni Bate

“I paint the skies with peace and passion, because that’s the way they paint me.” Jeni Bate lives in Salton City, California – though she grew up in Wales. As a child, she enjoyed painting, but as a teenager art gave way to academics. In 2001, Jeni was working on photography but soon had an […]

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Marilyn Anne Parrino

As a Fine Arts Major in college, I tried various forms of artistic expression. There were many ideas and wishes to be investigated. However, life has a strange way of knowing what one should be involved in. Because of the great need for teachers, I had some interviews and was offered a job immediately. I

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Robyn Reilman

Botanical Artist I was born and have always lived in Southern California. I have been passionate about art and nature my entire life. In 2012 I read an advertisement for a Botanical Art class at the Los Angeles Arboretum. I was fortunate to have a teacher for that class who has been my mentor and

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Nancy Lietz Beckham

Nancy Lietz Beckham Artist I have lived in the San Gabriel Valley for most of my life, first being raised in Arcadia, and graduating from Arcadia High School in 1966. I attended college at University of California at Santa Barbara and graduated with a double major in History and English. I then attended UC Irvine

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Cherie Heck Trapani

I have been creating art in some form or another for nearly my entire life. One memory that really stands out occurred when I was about eight. I had come across some oil paints and some old “how to” art books in our basement, and I was enthralled. I proceeded to copy a painting of

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Catherine & Ovie Cowles

More than inspired by Nature, we are compelled. Compelled to seek, ponder, create, showcase and share the beauty that is abundant in natural forms. Nature’s humble ubiquitous leaf has become our portal through which to express this vision. Our ode to Nature includes Catherine’s multi-leaf original collages and monoprints, along with Ovie’s photographic collages in

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Jennifer Eickemeyer

Few materials glisten and excite the eye as much as glass and crystals. As light bends through its contours, glass speaks to us in a different, sparkling language. Jennifer Stang Eickemeyer  was captivated by the unique quality of glass as a little girl as she gazed into her aunt’s magnificent chandelier. Now, with a deep

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Tom & Debbie Borusky

At Borusky Woodworks we make household items from exotic and domestic woods either on the lathe or by using them in their natural state. Pairing these beautiful wood grains with various metals and minerals has become one of our trademarks. Tom has worked in the woodworking industry for many years and Debbie brings her love

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James Ellison

OIL PASTEL CERAMIC James Ellison was born in Chicago in 1948. At 41/2 he was bitten by a Tsetse fly and contracted Encephalitis Lethargica. His fever rose to 108o and was in a coma for six weeks. The doctors said he would be severely retarded. His parents refused to accept this praying for a full

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Thomas Breeden

Thomas Breeden creates impressionistic oil paintings with bold, simplified forms. His subjects range from coastal, desert and mountain landscapes to still lifes and figurative work. “I try to capture the color of light upon the subject and to create a mood or a harmony within the picture.” He received his BFA in illustration from Art

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